Emerson College Quidditch

Emerson College Quidditch

"We don't fly. We don't think we fly. We play Quidditch."
Aug 16 '13

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Aug 6 '13

Hey friends!

Now that it’s August, we’re quickly approaching the beginning of the school year, and therefore the beginning of our season! The ECQ Executive Board is working hard to make sure that our season starts out strong. Plans are being developed, rosters are being sent in, and every day we get more and more excited!

If you know anyone who might be interested in joining Emerson College Quidditch this fall, definitely direct them to our website, Facebook page, and Twitter! And, of course, our Tumblr blog. We’re very excited to welcome any students that would be interested in joining us. So until we see you back out on the pitch, have a great rest of your summer!

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Jun 5 '13

Happy Wednesday!

The International Quidditch Association updated the team standings based on the results of World Cup VI, and Emerson’s World Cup team still stands at 7th in the world! 

Check out the rest of the IQA standings here

What do you think of Emerson’s standing? Do you think the team did well last season? Any stand-out players worth a shout-out? Reblog with your thoughts!

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May 8 '13

Now that finals are over…

…ECQ would like to take a moment and recognize our members who will be leaving Emerson at the close of this year.

Boylston Berserkers: Max Blaushild, Liz Fisher, Frank Gao, Jo Lam, Garrett Siegel, Brittany Taylor, and Mari Watson

Faneuil Falcons: Cheryl Rafuse

Jamaica Plain Jaguars: Jenni Daniel, Dan Hoene, and Ben White

Old North Outlaws: Matt Lowe, Manny Jaquez, and Maddy Wojdak

Park Street Pulverizers: Ryan Barnada and Rose Pleuler 

South End Slothbears: Brian Zanghi

Each of these individuals has contributed to ECQ in their own unique way and we will miss them all dearly. We look forward to seeing what other amazing things they will continue on to do. Thank you all for being a part of ECQ!

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Apr 28 '13

Congratulations to the 2013 Griffith Cup champions!

After a long day of quidditch, we are pleased to congratulate the Old North Outlaws for winning ECQ’s House League Championship! The Outlaws won the finals in two matches against the South End Slothbears. Both teams played incredibly, and we hope that the rest of our House League enjoyed playing today as well. We’ll see you all at the 2013 Combine!

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Apr 26 '13

Congratulations to the new captains of our World Cup Team!

We are pleased to announce the captains for the 2013-2014 World Cup team. Please join us in welcoming David Fox, CJ Junior, Jackson Maher, and Carlyle Thomes! 

We look forward to seeing how our quad-captainship will work out, and to see these four captains lead us to victory! Congratulations!

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Apr 26 '13

Congratulations to ECQ’s E-Board!

Please join us in welcoming the new members to ECQ’s Executive Board for the 2013-2014 academic year!

Commissioner: Jake L Hines
Vice President: Paulina Pascual
Logistics Coordinator: Bridget Hess-Mahan
Treasurer: Emily Yumkas
Gameplay Director: Bobby O’Neil
Communications Director: Todd Mitchell
Media Director: Brooke Lydon
Sales/Marketing Director: Ashley Newman
Equipment Manager: Tyler Trudeau

Boylston Berserkers: Pablo Calderón Santiago and Cassie Samuels
Fanueil Falcons: Capri DeBiccari and Lindsay Geller
J.P. Jaguars: Leanne Dillmann and Victor Viega
Old North Outlaws: Griffin Conlogue and Rebecca Contreras
Park Street Pulverizers: Danica Benitez and Z Kuester
South End Slothbears: J.D. Knapp and Aaron Wohl

The new members of E-Board are eager to bring ECQ to it’s former glory. Let’s hope for a wonderful fall semester of quidditch!

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Apr 15 '13


ECQ and the Boston Riot are completely safe. From what we know, BUQ and Tufts are also fine.

Our thoughts are with our friends in Boston.

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Apr 15 '13

ECQ and the Boston Riot are completely safe. From what we know, BUQ and Tufts are also fine.

Our thoughts are with our friends in Boston.

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Apr 12 '13

ECQ in the NBA: Jackson Maher (22)

In conjunction with our 1v1 interviews, our team decided that there was a better idea to get an accurate image of our player’s skill, strength and falir. That, of course, would be by comparing them to the legends and stars of our favorite professional sport. If you’ve never seen us play, but hear someone get called sneaky like Jason Kidd, that’s a pretty easy notion to imagine; and the YouTube support is many. 

Created by a back and forth email chain, our experts weigh in on each player’s individual discussions and cast votes— this is the result:

Griffin: Jackson has a pretty unique skill set. A very dangerous offensive threat that can change a game with his scoring. He plays his hardest at all time and wears his heart on his sleeve out there. He’s the kinda guy that will play 100% and go at his teammates until they are also going 100% percent. He’s a very established defensive player who plays far bigger than he actually is. He’s a bit of a bully (ok maybe a lot of a bully sometimes) that will go at players and piss them off and bug them out there until they make mistakes. A threat all over the field, a terrorizer on defense, and a pretty vocal leader. Jackson is Gary Payton.

Benny: I’m sort of feeling Monta Ellis the more I think about it. Now, there are a lot of common misconceptions about Ellis that I think might hinder people’s ability to get behind this comparison. People think he’s an overrated ballhog incapable of winning anything— that’s not the case. A few years ago, he nearly lead the league in PER, scores when he wants but also has the ability to facilitate his team while helping on the defensive end of things. How many teams has Ellis put up a 20 pt, 11 assist, 6 steal game this year? Believe me, it’s more than you would guess, but my fantasy team loved it. With an offensive arsenal of moves, it’s impossible to stay with Ellis. He’ll take you to the hoop. He’ll look you off and shoot a long shot. He’l frustrate you into turning the ball over. Monta Ellis is one of the most underrated players in the NBA and I think Jackson doesn’t get anywhere near enough love in the IQA community.

G: Yeah I really like Monta Ellis as a comparison. Ellis used to be one of my favorite players, and I even wore number 8 in my rec ball league in high school to rep him. Always thought he was such a straight up baller. He hits the big shots when he needs to. An underrated defender because he is pretty undersized for him position. All of these things can apply to Jackson. They are both incredible athletes that want to do it at all for their team, while also being great facilitators when necessary. Monta Ellis it is.




PG: Aaron Wohl (Kidd)/Ryan Barnada (Fisher)/Jake Hines (Wall)/Pablo Calderon (Rose)/Griffin Conlogue (Rubio)

SG: Matt Lowe (Kobe)/Jo Lam (Johnson)/Cam Wong (Allen)/Lyle Thomes (Ginobili)/Capri DeBiccari (Turner)/Benny Nadeau (McGrady)/Jackson Maher (Ellis)

SF: Mike Rodriguez (Carmelo)/Max Blaushild (Pierce)

PF: Victor Viega (Ibaka)/Mara (Rodman)/CJ Junior (Garnett)/Wes Weiss (Martin)

C: David Fox (Shaq)/Maddy Smeaton (Noah)/Paulina Pascual (M. Gasol)/Erin St. Pierre (Wallace)

?: Cassie Samuels (Oscar Pistorious)